Intro to Techmock Dashbaord

How is Techmock dashboard different ?
The techmock dashbord work both way not like other team managment application that are design to mange your company team. We become an extention to your company providing your business with exatract man power to handle all your task.
What is Techmcok dashboard ?
Techmock dashbaord is an online tool use to communicated and colaborate with the techmock development team
What can i use it for?
Techmock dashboard give you access to profesional employees at low cost to perfom task on your website, mobile aplication or develope a whole new project.

Getting Started with Techmock

How do I sign up ?
Signing up is easy just click the account button above and fill the registration form.
How do i login to my account ?
To login to your account just click the account button above and enter your login info,
How much to sign up ?
Signing up is 100% free.

Project Submition

01 How do I submit my project ?
After signing up you will have the ability to submit at project under the project link.
02 How long does it take project to start ?
After you have submited a project our team will review it immediately and get back to you. This process does take more then 10 minute.
03 Project Cost ?
Here at Techmock we like to work around you budjet while submiting your project you get to state the budjet for your project.