To clearly understand how the vex trigger application works let me give you an example. I was reading and article online on my phone and it was very hard to navigate and see some of the text. So I tried to use my computer, but there was one problem because it was an online content that means I have to type in the name of the website where I found the article, this create a problem for me because the link to that website was very long it had numbers, letters and special characters. But imaging if there was a way where all I had to do is copy the link form my phone past it on an app and zoom the website opens on my desktop browser not just one particular browser but any browser. And this is what the vex trigger app does it lets you send links to any browser and let you even change your desktop browser homepage right from your mobile phone.

With the vex trigger you can write any link fom the application and have it show up on your desktop browser, you can use the quick link function to open porpular links like google, bing, yahoo, facebook and more without typing it. With new functions like auto quit you can command your browser to automatically close every time it is opened.

Vex trigger is a work in progress new functions are getting added every so the functions and features are always improving.


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