We have expert ready to walk you through our process with detail video tutorials on how to use our platform to help you get started fast.


- A laptop
- Internet access
- Basic computer skills (No Coding Needed)

If you have some basic coding skills that a plus, but you are not require to have this skills to apply. Here at TechMock we will teach you how to use our software to produce professional works.

Get To
Work Fast

Our advanced algorithms help you find clients who are the best fit for you. No need to find job post or filter through a list of jobs. Your profile will be visible to all our clients so you get hire fast.

Your Personal
Work Space

You will get your own personal work space to manage your project and clients. Use it to securely send and receive files, give real-time feedback. And if you are on the go a lot, you’ll want to download our app to keep in touch with your clients.

What We Believe

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
OUmar M. Kanu